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Thee Quinn

YouTuber, Audio Editor, Web Developer, Programmer, Data Entry Expert and Voice Over Artiste

Welcome to My Website!

Hey there, and welcome to TQ Central, the amazing all in one resource for my clients and persons in the blind and visually impaired community. Here you have access to all my YouTube videos and their transcripts, some accessibility tips and advice, and details of the services that I provide. If you are or know anyone who is new to the blind community, check out the Beginner's Guide section below. Also, continue reading to find out more about me, my tutorials and the services that I offer. Thanks for stopping by, and I am sure you will find this website informative and helpful.

Who is Thee Quinn?

I am a multitalented young female who is dedicated to assist persons in any way that I possibly can. I try my best to share my knowledge with others, and this is something that I enjoy doing. I own a YouTube channel which aims to provide tutorials for blind and visually impaired persons to teach them how to navigate and use their devices and applications with various assistive technology(mainly NVDA). I also use the platform to share interviews of Blind and Visually Impaired persons who have overcome the limitations of their disability, and these help to encourage persons in the community. I am also an Audio Editor, Voice Over Artiste, Web Developer, Data Entry Expert and an aspiring programmer. Continue reading to find out more about my YouTube resources and the services that I offer.

Beginner's Guide

Most persons seem to think that when a person loses their sight their whole world comes crashing down. I know this because this is exactly what I thought too. Using my computer was my favourite past time, and losing my sight felt like a major part of my life was just crumbled. That is until I have come to learn that there was a type of software called a screen reader, that would change my life forever. This assistive technology allowed me to be able to use my computer and smartphone just as good or even better than a sighted person. Sometimes people don't even belive that you are not really seeing. If you or your loved one are in the same situation that I was once in, and want to learn how to use the computer through the use of a screen reader, navigate to the 'Newbie' tab of this website or click the link below. I will guide you through the full process to make your transition easier and smoother.

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My YouTube Content

On my YouTube channel, I have some awesome and exciting tutorials, app and add-on reviews, as well as inspirational interviews. You can find my channel by typing "theequinn " in the YouTube search bar or by clicking this link. You can also find and gain access to my video links and transcripts on the 'videos' tab of this website, or by clicking the link below. Please be sure to leave your comments, they are greatly appreciated. If you have any queries or video suggestions, feel free to contact me.

My Videos

What Services Do I Provide?

As I mentioned, I am multitalented and I provide a wide array of services. I specialize in audio editing, voice overs, tutoring, among many other things. Also, as you can see as a result of this website, I am a Web Developer and I have been dipping my feet in programming as well. You can learn more about the services that I provide by clicking the 'Learn More' link below, or going on the "Services " tab of this website.

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How Can You Contact Me?

In case you want to hire my services, have any questions or just want to contact me in general, you can find my contact information on the 'Contact' tab of this website, or just click the link below. I have a quick response time, and I will see how best I can assist you. You can also join my Facebook group and mailing list (coming soon).

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